Stoves & heating

Get ready for winter, if you have got an open fire or a multi fuel stove we carry a large selection of grates for both. We also keep stove glass in stock to cut to size for you as well as different sizes of stove rope.
Got a broken or cracked fire brick, look no further we keep fire bricks in stock as well as vermiculite board for those different size and shape bricks as we can cut this to the size you require for your stove.

Visit our heating department for a wide selection of multi fuel stoves in all different sizes and heat output. Also a large range of open fire grates, frets and ash pans all kept in stock. To go with this type of heating you will need to have a look at our range of fireside accessories including fire guards, coal buckets, coal hods and companion sets with all this we stock a range of Tippy’s for all sizes of ash pans.

We also stock a selection of coal and wood for your log burners or open fires which will help you stay warm through the winter months. However if you want the effect of a real fire but not to sure about all the work involved why not take a look at our range of Dimplex opti flame and opti myst electric stoves which gives you realistic looking fire and heat without putting coal or logs on, it is as simple as just plugging in to the mains. Fan heaters, Halogen Heaters, Oil filled radiators and Superser gas cabinet heaters are all kept in stock all year round in case you are in need of some back up heat.