We are traditionally an Ironmongers shop and is still at the heart of our company and shop in Sheringham. We still do all the bits and bobs you would expect and probably quite a few you wouldn’t !  Nuts, bolts, washers, screws and nails are all loose so buy as little or as much as you need for the job you need them for.

As we are a traditional Ironmongers the ironmongery department is the largest and hold a good stock from companies such as Kirkpatrick, Croft, Era, Legge, Abus and Squire so here are just a few things you will find here:

• Screws • Nails • Nut and Bolts • Door locks • Door handles
• Window fittings • Hinges • Drain covers • Hooks • Padlocks

In this department we also keep a well stocked range for all your plumbing jobs, cooper pipe and fittings as well as plastic pipe and fittings. We also have a large section for anything Electrical from a 15w screw in light bulb to a 150w bayonet fitting light bulb, Single and double sockets and boxes, Electrical cable and Door bells.

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