Winter Fuel

BUY 10 bags and get 1 bag FREE

(Except cubic metre logs)

Don’t be cold this winter or anytime of the year look what we can offer you.

Fuel Price
10kg Doubles Housecoal

20kg Doubles Housecoal



25kg Premier Housecoal £9.95
10kg Brazier (smokeless) £5.25
20kg Brazier (smokeless) £9.95
20kg Homefire CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK £11.95
25kg Taybrite (ideal for multifuel stoves) £13.95
Cubic metre seasoned logs £129.99
Nets of seasoned logs £3.99
Kindling £3.50

(Except cubic metre of logs)


We are also stockists for Flogas Butane 4.5kg, 7kg, 13kg and Propane 6kg, 11kg & 19kg bottles.